Dog Friendly Places & Activities

They say dogs are man's best friend and that rings true these days when almost everyone has a dog and the family is treated like a member of the family. For most dog owners, their dog goes everywhere with them and if a place or establishment does not allow dogs to join their family, they will just leave and find somewhere that does. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find these dog-friendly places if you don't know where or how to look for them. Fortunately, there are plenty of places popping all over the place that welcome dogs in the same way they welcome the humans who accompany them and glamping hampshire is one of them.

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The Importance of Activity for your Dog

Much responsibility goes into owning dog but one of the things that is easily overlooked is just much physical activity your dog needs for optimal physical and mental health. While dog owners know the important of taking a dog outside for bathrooms breaks, sometimes they neglect the other important reason to take a dog outside and that is for exercise. Dogs need plenty of exercise just like humans do. Without enough exercise, your dog can display a host of issues such as obesity, arthritis, diabetes and depression. It's good to get in the habit of taking your dog for a walk at least once a day. Dogs love to walk and it has so many positive benefits for their well-being. It's also a great way for to bond with your dog. Other activities that are great for your dog include taking him or her to the beach for a swim, playing fetch or Frisbee or taking your dog on camping, fishing and road trip excursions to places where dogs are welcome.

Dog-friendly Places

Most towns and cities now have dog parks. A dog park is a fenced-in location where owners can supervise their dog while he or she plays, exercises and mingles with other dogs. Many cities also now have dog-friendly restaurants pubs and retail shops that welcome pets along with their owners. Ask around or check online for places in your city or town.

Taking your Dog on Holiday

for pet-owners who wish to take a vacation or weekend away, there is nothing worse than having to leave the family dog in a kennel or with strangers while they are away because they are under the impression that there are no dog-friendly places to go. Fortunately, these days, this trend is changing and many businesses are opening their arms to families with pets. Glamping is a fairly new trend in the world of travel and outdoors. It's a more comfortable way of camping that incorporates comfort with the outdoors and glamping hampshire is a great way to spend time with your whole family including your dog. Glamping is great way to include your pet in the family activities because it allows your dog to be with you while enjoying a new location where he or she can explore and be outdoors in nature while getting exercise and having fun.