Car Lighting as Decoration

Car lights are basic requirements for vehicles because they provide illumination when needed. Car lighting is also used to decorate cars and make them more attractive. Majority of the population tend to replace the original car lighting with their favorite ones. Find your favorite car lighting from

There are different car light bulbs as there are different types of cars. The bulbs are in a variety of sizes, shapes, and types to fulfill different car needs. Some of the bulbs are bright and they act as safety measures since they are visible from longer distances. Light bulbs also light the interior of the car. They can also work as the tail lights, car signal lights or even as the dash indicators. Light bulbs with strobe effect are installed at the front of the car or at the rear of one’s car to act as security lights. Strobe lights seem attractive especially at night for they come in different colors, that is red, blue or green. Car light bulbs can be bought online or from manufacturers.


  • Car dashboard light, these are small lightings found on the car’s dashboard. They produce less heat and are
    available in bright colors.
  • Car interior dome light, These are the interior LED car lighting.
  • Strobe lights, They are used for driving at night and brakes.


For one to choose the right lighting for their vehicle, there is need to understand the main car lighting options which include halogen, LED and xenon.


Halogen lights are commonly used since the produce much brighter light that is used to provide lighting for a much longer distance. They are also popular since they last for a very long time. They are relatively cheaper thus the cost of replacing them is them is fairly low. This lighting has a disadvantage since it results in a great heating, therefore, leading to loss of much energy. Bulbs in these lights tend to break easily when replacing them thus a lot of care should be put into consideration when replacing. These lights are highly recommended for budget conscious people.


LED lights are common among car owners. Their small sizes make them easily arranged into desired designs thus making them more attractive. The LED lighting consumes little energy thus making them in a way economical. The lights are good looking thus used for decoration purposes. A drawback of this type of lighting is that it is quite expensive to purchase and they also heat up a bit. The lighting is recommended for use on fancy vehicles for they make the general looking of the vehicle very attractive. They also raise the image of the driver and create a high profile.


Xenon car lights are very bright. They consume a lot of energy compared to the halogen ones. Most drivers complain of the distraction caused whenever they come across Xenon lights which create a great deal of glare. Xenon lights are highly recommended for people driving cars at night on deserted roads due to their immense brightness. It is quite evident that while one is deciding on the correct lights to buy a car should consider some factors depending on the type of the car.

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