Stress of Divorce



You wake up from your slumber with the smell of fresh coffee brewing from the $250 coffee maker you just bought for your wife on your anniversary 6 weeks ago. Your hear the 3 children screaming and hustling with lunchboxes to get to the buses horn blowing. Then the front door slamming.You go to fetch that cup of Joe and it is empty. You look around and no ones home. Only thing going through your mind right now, is the way things have been going between you and your wife. As the door slams behind you, reach down in your purse to fetch the keys, you look up to see the nice SUV your sleeping husband bought you, year before last. Then you recall the fight you got into that night on your anniversary. You realize every day since then all you have done is argue.


Then all the late nights he came home late. All you can think about is the way things have been going between you and your husband. The kids have went wild, bad grades and the stress that is on them for the fighting. You get to work, your boss calls in his office to inform you that production is down, your missing work, and your wear the same suit three times a week. Then he finally says We have to let you go. Now your thinking, I have lost everything that means everything to you. Including the love we once had. Something has got to change. All you do is cry all the time and you get no love from him any more. You recall marriage counseling didn’t work. For the kids sake we need to sit down and have a talk, before this gets any worst than it can get.


There is a whole lot that can happen from a divorce. Especially if there is children under 12 years of age depending on your state and local laws associated with custody and parents rights which can be read on It is a very sensitive thing for you and them. It is already obvious the parents can’t talk to each other about it due to agree to disagree. You bought a $250.000 home that is in both of your names. All the money that has been spent between the both of you, the years you have been together. The mortgage that was took out last year for repairs on your rental property that has a lean because of the taxes being behind. Even the pain and suffering that was caused from the hospital bills from the anguish of the cheating spouse. The banking accounts that are in both of your names. Or even the savings accounts for your children’s future. All these things have to be worked out. It takes a good lawyer to handle these types of challenges, due to tedious and high level cases. You think that it is just okay we have agreed to get the divorce can’t we just sign a paper and walk away. But the hard truth is, you can’t and the process is more than a letter of divorcement. The only solid advise I can give you, is please don’t try and dot yourself. There is lawyers out there that can help you get what you deserve. So please take my advice. If you don’t do it for you. Do it for your kids,and the protection of your rights as an outstanding citizen of your country.

What is debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is the process of converting all of one’s individual debt repayments into one loan with a single repayment. It entails borrowing enough money from one lender to pay off several other existing debts. When one consolidates loans, they make only one loan repayment to the new lender which is usually less than the total amount paid to the individual loans. An individual, however, incurs more finance costs during consolidation.
Before considering consolidation, one should look at all the other options available for debt management including lowering expenses or raising income, financial counselling, or calling the creditors to discuss restructuring the loans to make the monthly repayments more manageable.

Types of debt consolidation loans

Debt consolidation loans can broadly be categorized into two; secured and unsecured. Secured loans are those that are backed up by an asset belonging to the borrower which is used as the loan collateral. The unsecured loan, which is more traditional, does not have collateral and is harder to obtain. The unsecured loans have higher interest rates and lower loan limits for borrowing.

Options available for debt consolidation

There are several options for debt consolidation including;
1. Transferring all existing loans into one credit card that has a lower interest rate. This is referred to as loan consolidation and usually has a fee, and the offered rate may only last for some time.
2. Converting existing loans into a home equity loan. With this option, an individual provides security and usually borrows up to a certain percentage of the value of the proposed security.
3. Some creditors offer loan products designed specifically for debt consolidation. These loans, however, have interest rates higher than normal home equity loans and may require collateral depending on the loan amount being sought.
4. There are debt consolidation companies that offer consolidation of the monthly loan repayments instead of loan consolidation. In this option, an individual pays the sum of all their monthly repayments to the company, and the company is responsible for making the payments to the creditors on the dates they fall due.

It is important to check the following information before choosing your lender for consolidation; the costs apart from the interest rate that you will incur, the annual percentage rate (APR), the monthly repayments, the tenure, penalties in case of default or late payment.

Advantages of debt consolidation

1. After consolidation, the monthly repayments are usually substantially lower compared to the combined payments of the different loans.
2. Consolidation loans offer lower interest rates.
3. Loan consolidation makes repayment easier and more organized.

Disadvantages of debt consolidation

1. An individual may risk foreclosure on their home following defaults in repayments on the home equity option of debt consolidation.
2. A longer tenure after debt consolidation may result in payment of higher total interest amounts over time even if the monthly repayments are less.
3. Longer tenures offered in consolidation means an individual remains in debt for a longer period.


Replacing different multiple rate loans with one loan with a single monthly repayment simplifies life. However, this should not be done only for convenience unless one is overwhelmed by several loan repayment dates.
It is important to note that debt consolidation does not erase debt, but only transfers the debt to a different lender or a different loan type. The best option, if practical, would be to consider debt settlement as it reduces one’s debt obligations instead of reducing the number of lenders.

Understanding What are IT disaster recovery services?

Information on any organization is very important, and it is crucial to take preventive measures to protect company’s database from any loss or disaster. Any data loss or IT disaster can be caused by diverse reasons such as user errors or system negligence. To avoid such IT disasters, companies should incorporate IT disaster recovery process whose goal is to prepare the business owner for the unexpected and ensures that the important business operations would continue irrespective of the situation. Taking preventive measures reduce the occurrence of risks while corrective and detection measures offer quick resolutions in case something happens.

The companies should be aware of potential disasters that can be categorized into two forces including internal and external. The best example of external force is a natural disaster that affects the community at large. Business system failures and information security disaster caused by hackers are an example of internal forces.

While you know all the major factors that can cause complexities like compromising of sensitive information, loss of service, loss of data and property loss or damage, it is advisable for you to come up with disaster recovery strategy for your company with a cybersecurity company e.g. However, building up good plan can be difficult for most companies which offer services of data recovery companies can be a worthwhile consideration. Different companies offer different strategies based on current organizational processes or needs. A professional Disaster Recovery Management company that specializes in data recovery planning provides the hardware and position it to the secondary business location so the clients can have their network up and running within 48 hours of the disaster. One of the definite advantages of acquiring disaster recovery services is the money that the company saves by reducing downtime.

Technologies create a disaster plan for the business ensuring continuity by keeping each aspect of the IT configuration functional during the disaster. The company provides many products, solutions, services, and support to protect companies against any loss.
Disaster recovery management software is used to secure your company against these instances. It is more than just a simple backup of your data. It is used to create a reflector of your entire system, approximately like a duplicate system that operates off-site. By keeping the reflector in a different place than the rest of your computers, companies will be able to rest confirmed that it will be recoverable if your original is wiped out. Sanovi Technologies also provides consultancy services helping businesses create a disaster plan while focusing on ensuring continuity by holding each aspect of the IT configuration functional during the disaster. If any company doesn’t have in-house IT professional service, it should use an IT professional service company to assist with IT disaster recovery.

Information on any organization is very important, and it is crucial to take preventive measures to protect company’s database from any loss or disaster. Any data loss or IT disaster can be caused by diverse reasons such as user errors or system negligence. To avoid such IT disasters, companies should incorporate IT disaster recovery process whose goal is to prepare the business owner for the unexpected and ensures that the important business operations would continue irrespective of the situation. Taking preventive measures reduce the occurrence of risks while corrective and detection measures offer quick resolutions in case something happens.

Cold emailing and cold calling

Cold emailing can be a frustrating process that many people try to avoid if possible (although it’s hard to avoid if you are in sales). The recipients of the phone calls and emails are often not very nice, and the success rate for this sales tactic is quite low. Most people go about cold calling the wrong way and perpetuate the trap that this process always creates. While it is arguably not the most fun thing to do, you can still be quite successful with cold calls and cold emails through the right software. This article will go through cold calling and cold emailing and what you can do to improve your conversion rate.

You Do Not Know If You Are Talking To the Right Person

A lot of people will get sales lead and not do any due diligence on the company or the person ahead of calling them. This is a terrible way to go about cold calling, but a large majority of people does it. Some salespeople blame the fact that they cannot find the right information because that info is not publicly available. This is incorrect, however, as companies such as iProfile and DiscoverOrg have created massive databases that provide detailed HR records on many major companies. With these new tools, you can easily discover whether you are talking to the right person. You can learn where that person falls on an org chart and what decision-making abilities the person has within the company. This is all very valuable information to know before making a cold call or cold email.

You Do Not Have Any Information about the Company’s Initiatives

Even if you know a thing or two about the person you are calling, you probably do not have a lot of information about the company’s initiatives, as most companies are private. If you were selling an IT product, it would be very helpful to know what the IT spends is of the company and if they are planning on making any new purchases anytime soon. Companies like DiscoverOrg and iProfile have gathered this information over time for a large number of companies, so this information is available if you look in the right places. You can use this information to tailor and fine-tune your sales pitch. If you know, for example, what purchases a company has made in the past, you can try to figure out what types of things they may buy prospectively. Take advantage of this information so you can put yourself in the best possible position to succeed when you make the call or email.

You need to do a lot of research about the company and the person you are calling. There are now several ways you can do this, and certain companies were created to help you do this exact thing. You can find out whom the person reports to, what their responsibilities are, how much their company is planning to spend in the upcoming year, etc. Make sure you put in this time before you make the call because if you do, your conversion rate will likely go up. Doing this will not guarantee you will become wildly successful, but you will put yourself in a better position to succeed.

Problems treatable by Dermatologists

There are so many skin problems that can interfere with the health of your skin. Any time you experience any skin problem; you have no reason to get worried because a dermatologist can help you mange any skin problem. Dermatologists have excellent skills on how to treat any skin problem whatsoever how extreme the problem is.

The following are the types of skin problems that a dermatologist can help you treat:

Skin rashes

Rashes are one of the skin problems. Anytime you see rashes in your skin, visit a dermatologist to help you treat the rashes. Considering the qualifications of a dermatologist, he or she can help you treat your rashes fully. He/she will also give you sufficient advice on how to prevent and treat skin rashes in future.

Scars on the skin

Often in life we get fatal injuries that leave very big scars on your skin. Such scars make your skin look ugly and be sure not to be comfortable with. If you have scarred the you think it needs medical treatment, choose to visit a dermatologist. He/she will help you treat the scars successfully. It is worth noting that dermatologists have reliable skills on how to give perfect treatment to any scar on the skin.

Lightening of the skin

This is one of the skin problems that require the attention of a dermatologist. A light skin interferes with the health and general appearance of your skin. Light skin allows excess light in your skin, and this can lead to damage of skin cells which can consequently lead to the development of extreme skin problems. Anytime you feel that your skin is getting light, it is not necessary to get word because a dermatologist is in a position to help you restore the normal nature of your skin.

Drying of the skin

Some people have issues with their skin because it gets extremely dry even without applying cosmetics that dry the skin. When your skin gets dry abnormally, then you must be having a skin problem. If you have such a problem is wise idea to visit a dermatologist because he will help you treat your skin. With the treatment and advice of the dermatologist, be sure to have oily and shiny skin always.

Deadly skin diseases like cancer

There are so many skin diseases that endanger the general health of and individually skin cancer being one of them.When you have any skin disease, that should not be the end of life because dermatologists have excellent skills on how to treat all skin diseases. What you need to do is to visit one of them, and they will be able to diagnose you and give you very relevant treatment to the condition of your skin.

Abnormal wrinkles on the skin

Apart from natural wrinkles on your skin, there are wrinkles that may develop as a result of abnormal conditions in your skin. Abnormal wrinkles on your skin is a problem that requires immediate attention of a dermatologist. Dermatologists have the ability to fully treat abnormal wrinkles on your skin.

Anytime you have the above skin problems or any other skin problem, do not get worried. Dermatologists can help you treat any skin problem fully.

How Facebook followers are different from Facebook likes

If you own an online Facebook business, it is important that you first get acquainted with the terms associated with Facebook marketing. This will give you a deep understanding of who and whom you will be interacting with while conducting your business. When you come across a Facebook post or page that gets your interest, you have two options: you either like the page or follow the page. Consequently, this is the position which visitors to your page find themselves in, the decision made by visitors will determine the people who will engage with the content and how far your post will go. Although people like to buy Facebook followers and likes blindly, it’s important to understand the difference.

So, what are differences between Facebook likes and followers?

Liking: It should be noted that when a Facebook user likes your business page, they by default opt into following your page. This implies that your posts will be seen on their feeds and you will be listed under their liked directory. With this, the users will be able to see or your posts each and every time you post them. However, it is important to note that the users can opt to unfollow your page and the impact is that they will not see your posts quite as often.

Facebook likes can be used to measure the popularity of a product as well as  gauge the number of people who know about a particular product or brand. Through Facebook, organizations can launch various products and by using likes ensure that more interactions occur between the product and the users. This can be achieved by creating a product page for every product, this will see the products gain their own likes individually.

Likes also help online businesses make demographic projections on the audience that views their pages. Facebook likes also make engaging with customers much easier as they provide immediate feedback from the field, information that is crucial in making any business projection.

Following: Following was previously designed for those individuals who wanted to see your posts, but didn’t want to be noticed doing so. Followers have an option of following and seeing your posts without having to hit a like on them. These users will often see your posts in their feeds, but this will not be considered a like on your page. Individuals can prioritize your posts making them come fist when they are on Facebook. This can be achieved through making changes to their settings, thereby making your content appear first.

Depending on the subject of your interest you can create a fan page and allow people to follow you depending on the content that you post. If it is a personal blog and you intend to build interest around yourself, then you can get people following up your personal profile and enjoy all public posts that you make through this page. If you are doing blogging on a particular subject then getting people following you up on a personal basis is a good idea in that they are likely to come across your unrelated post that may not go well with them.

Why SEO is Crucial to Your Business in 2017

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a method wherein you use frequently searched keywords of a search engine on the important pages of your webpage in order to make your webpage more “visible” or be one of the top ranking webpages on among search engines’ “unpaid” results. These unpaid results are often called “naturally” or “organic” results.

Although SEO may sound like a complicated process, it is actually very useful for small businesses on the internet trying to get a wider audience. In this article, we will be discussing the advantages of SEO to small businesses.

1. Allows small businesses to have a bigger audience.

SEO gives an opportunity for small businesses to be more visible to more people, increasing their customers. It gives an option for small businesses to make their pages visible in an easier way compared to advertising physically. It will help these small businesses gain more visitors, making their page more known and popular.

2. Low-cost, high results.

Going through the process of SEO costs very low, yet it produces efficient results. In 2017, a lot of millennials are more active on the internet; it is more likely that they will see your website on search engines instead of actual and physical advertisements, proving it more effective and of course, it is way cheaper than physical advertisements.

3. Advertising internationally.

It doesn’t matter where your business is based because via SEO it will have a wider reach internationally. This is very beneficial to your business as it allows more people to see your website attracting more customers, not just locally, but also globally.

4. Improving your online reputation.

The more people who visit your website, the better your reputation will be online. These people will be able to access your official information and understand your business more. Being one of the top ranking results on certain keywords will also make Google automatically consider your website as an authority on that certain keyword.

5. Getting ahead of your competitors.

A lot of small businesses are already getting into SEO, so before your own competitors can, you should do it already. If they are already working on SEO, it still isn’t too late as SEO makes it easier to outdo your own competitor as you are working on the same platform with the same resources.

6. SEO won’t be dying off soon.

With the increasing innovation in technology, SEO will never be not effective, and in fact, it keeps proving itself effective in advertising because more and more people are going online. It will only give your website more and more hits every day.

7. The advertising is 24/7.

Since it is online, your advertising will never go offline as the internet doesn’t have a closing time. And because it functions globally, your webpage will be viewed every second from people all over the world. People will continuously see your webpage.

8. Credibility for your brand.

People trust Google as a provider of efficient and relevant results. So if your website is one of the top ranking results on Google, people will trust your brand and website, therefore having good credibility for your brand. And since it is one of the top ranking results, people are most likely to click on your webpage link.

SEO may sound complicated, and admittedly, they are. However, if you have the proper resources and the time, SEO is very achievable. It will benefit your website, in the long run, giving you good business and your brand a good reputation, a wider audience, a farther reach and of course, more customers. With the increasing developments in technology, SEO is crucial to your business in 2017 and the coming years.

When Should You Go To an Emergency Dental Service

The average individual’s adherence to the maintenance of dental hygiene differs based on the number of recurring visits that each makes to their dentist. A majority of people responsibly visit the dentist within the timespan of a year, usually at least twice. However, a substantial number of people also do not pay due diligence to their oral status, as roughly every fifth person is reported to have not visited the dentist in the timespan of a number of years. The rationale for such derelict action has been posited largely along the lines of the pricing of the fees dentists charge, learn more at

However, certain scenarios require immediate attention towards the assessment of the underlying issue as well as retrieving an amicable situation, present in the emergency services that are provided across ranging requirements of patients, particularly in the case of oral dental service.

The consequential decision is prevalent in situations and should be adopted by suffering individuals, where oral damage has taken place and requires assistance from professionals that are equipped with the resources and the required understanding to undertake the process towards a solution. The causes of the problem range from poor dental attention from the respective person, the accidental occurrence of an injury pertaining to dental health, or certain practices affecting the oral status.

An example of the problem requiring attention would be occurring in the circumstance where a person is affected by a sports-related injury, or due to a harsh collision with an object or an accident around the area surrounding the mouth. This causes them to suffer damage to their oral region, it could have the effect of pain in the area due to a dislodged tooth that would require immediate attention, or the pain could be due to a cut in the region that is causing bleeding or the onset of the cavity’s active damage.

They often also culminate in the form of pain in gums that cause bleeding or sensitive gums that are damaged by the practice of intense brushing which detrimentally impacts the specific individual, accumulating into eventual substantial pain. The onset of teeth cavity is relatively different since the pain’s origination is, rather than being from an exposure towards a focused detrimental action, due to inattentive consideration towards dental health, caused because of either a misapprehension, the circumstantial situation of the individual, or a simple causal connection of carelessness towards a fragile and malleable condition of dental hygiene.

A circumstance in which such pain is experienced by an individual orally, within the parameters previously defined and more, the modus operandi to adopt should center towards a visit for emergency dental care and the following recuperation of the said person’s oral health. The practitioner present in medical facilities has the expertise that is necessary for the optimum diagnosis, with pertinent consideration towards the factors present in the oral state, thus allowing the implementation of an effective solution that would rid the ailments faced by each patient. Upon removal of the issue of prominence, the person can rest easy and with repeated assessments from dentists through the years, can prevent recurrence of non-accident related oral problems.

Why you should use GoHenry

Good money handling skills is a lifetime investment. Go Henry is a prepaid card and application designed for young people aged between the age of 6 to 18. One of its most important aspects is its unique parental feature, allowing the parent to set the spending rules for their kid. The process is rather very simple and straight forward. All you need to do is to open a Go Henry account, which is done online taking you just a few minutes, activate your child’s card and that is all. Your kid will get their own card in the next seven working days.

For starters, this card gives you the joy of funding your kid in a way that gives your kid the autonomy that will help them learn how to handle money, while at the same time it lets you stay in control and keeps you in the picture of what your child is up to. With Go Henry you can top up your child’s card and set spending rules, the parent decides where it can be used while at the same time receiving real-time notifications on when and where it’s being used. Learn more about Go Henry by reading reviews here

You do not have to worry about your kid misplacing the card; it comes with a feature where you can block and unblock it at any time. Whats more, you will now watch you, child, acquire financial skills through completing tasks, spending responsibly and most importantly working toward savings goals. Furthermore, it comes with a unique tasks and chores feature whereby you can set your child some task and upon completion, they earn a little extra. This card is more of a top-up card, different from the usual visa or debit card. This means you cannot make expensive mistakes that can lead you into overdrafts or even unintended debts.

For your child, it a fun way to handle their pocket money. One, they have an opportunity to design their cards in a way that they fancy. This instills in them a sense of ownership and responsibility. In addition, it stimulates their creativity. In pursuit of that extra money, they complete set tasks broadening their knowledge and skills. The child is always safe even while away from home. They just need to call you in case of an urgent need, and you cam make an instant top up. You will have peace of mind by knowing that your child cannot get stuck in an emergency caused by lack of money. For your kid, every day is a learning day.

For all the online learning tools available to your child Go Henry is not only the most stylish but also the cheapest. The card is free, and you pay nothing for the first month, and you have the option of canceling it at any time. The monthly fees which are very competitive are paid by the parent and not the kids. What makes it even more special is the fact that unlike the other learning tool, Go Henry comes with a card and an app. What more would you ask for your kid? Hurry and acquire one for your kid.

5 Tips on Maintaining your WordPress Site

Optimize and protect your website, here 5 top tips on Maintaining your WordPress website

Maintaining a website in WordPress as in other content management systems means that all the technology on your website should be up to date to prevent problems or hackings, so here we are going to give you 5 top tips to maintain your WordPress website.

WordPress the most used content management system (CMS) in the world, is an open technology, meaning that anyone can learn how it works, so it’s of absolute importance for your website to be up to date to improve your website security and also your website response. Let’s start with our 5 top tips for you:

Backup your website before doing an upgrade

Do at least monthly backups of your website and when you are going to upgrade technology, either by CPanel, FTP or a WordPress plugin. This is a habit you need to learn and maintain, or you could outsource it to a WordPress Maintenance Service.

Update WordPress core files

This is the WordPress CMS installation, launches updates very periodically, because of new upgrades, bugs, or security reasons, so it’s very important to upgrade to the new versions as soon as you can, this will help with security.

Update themes, plugins and languages

Same as the WordPress CMS installation is imperative to maintain also themes, plugins and languages up to date (even if they are not active) to know that you have the best possible performance and security. Backup is very important before upgrading themes, plugins, and languages since some times this upgrades can produce incompatibilities with other plugins or the active theme, but with the backup, this will be a zero problem since you can re-upload the last working plugin or theme to solve the problematic one.

Don’t install any plugin nor any theme

You will find thousands of plugins and themes on the WordPress directories but not all will be compatible with your theme/plugins configuration, and some are not well developed so is basic to do a little research before trying a plugin or a theme. Find how much installations it has, what people say when is not working for them and if possible, see if your theme declares the preferred plugins to use.

Care about your WordPress website security

Backup your website periodically is a must, also maintain up to date WordPress core files, themes and plugins, be careful with comment modules, protect and use with careful and have a good security plugin like Wordfence or Sucuri the most used ones, you can have them for free or by paying, it will depend on the severity of protection you will need. Meaning that if you are a bank, you will have to use the paid one to have real people checking on your website, but for websites that don’t handle critical information, the free ones will do the work. They are not infallible, but if needed, you can pay a cleaning with the same security plugins creators.