Factors affecting decision for siding in home

LP Smartside installation or wall cladding is a protective material used to the external side of the wall. lt also gives additional beauty for your home. To find out which is the best siding for your home,we will first have to know about the factors affecting the decision of choosing siding for your home.

Factors affecting your decision:

1. water-resisiting power

Water could be a major component shrinking the efficiency of siding.lt may bring crack and make your sidings
split from your wall. So, before fitting the siding ask the engineer whether the siding is water-repellent or not?

Let us make it easy for you!

Here is a list of siding best for water-resistance:

-Vinyl siding:Works well in rainy season

-Steel siding:Best for water resisting.

Fiber-cement siding – Primary choice for US people as it is best harsh weather as well as mositure.

Siding to avoid:

Wood siding: May become warp and change shape.

2. Weather/Season/climate

Climates like wind, rainy, hot, cold, stormy can be a major factor for your decision.

Here is some sidings best for different seasons:

Rainy season:

-Vinyl siding-Steel siding-Aluminium siding

Hot/Extreme hot climate:

-Steel siding-Redwood siding:type of wood siding with proper thermal insulation-Metal siding

Cold/Extreme cold climate

The only answer is ‘Fiber-cement Siding’.Other sidings can easily crack up due to water freezing which may cause splitting up of siding.


Some sidings may require proper maintenance but some of it needs minimum maintenance. Best siding for minimum maintenance is ‘Vinyl siding’.

Other than ‘Vinyl siding’ almost all of them requires proper maintenance such as:

-Maintenance of any internal damage to the sidings

-Rectification of any type of rottings,molds and cracks.

-Required proper cleaning and regular insulation check.

4. Aesthetics point of view

Nowadays,most of the person’s don’t only want the siding to protect their homes but also give an additional charm to their homes through unique designs,colour and styles. Best choice for you to give a beauty material to your home is ‘wood’.lt’s a classy one to bring on a soothing look to your home. Thinking of not only design,want to be more protective and more attractive? Give vinyl a try.lt comes in different colours like brown,red,blue ,grey etc. Also,you can coat the colour of wood to the vinyl to complete both needs at one time.

5. Thermal insulation

It refers to the power of the siding to stable the room temperature of the interior.So,To give comfortable and cool Temperature is the function of a thermal insulator. Most of the siding have this ability.But,the best is ‘Metal siding’.lt can give you a steady and cool Temperature even in a scorching hot weather.

6. Affordability

More economical, the merrier. So, the possible siding if you do not want to spend more on sidings and want good protective material too ‘Vinyl siding’ is the best one for you. It costs only $4 to $5 per square.

Hence, finding out which type of siding is best for your home could be a tricky question but I hope that this article will surely help you do to some self- study before you can buy one for your home.

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