Four Reasons for Remodeling Your Bathroom Regularly

The bathroom is one of the most important and frequently used rooms within the house. Over time, however, you may notice some problems with its fixtures or even the functionality of the room. These are some of the reasons why its good to remodel your bathroom every few years. Such a remodel is an excellent way to improve the functionality of the space and its décor too. Although such an update can involve a lot of time and work, here are four reasons why bathroom remodels are worth the trouble when you get the right bathroom remodel contractor in irvine ca.

It Improves the Home Value

New flooring, freshly painted walls, new fixtures and a new shower or tub are just some of the options to consider with a bathroom remodel. With them, you can upgrade your bathroom and greatly improve the décor and looks of the space. Although you should expect to spend a considerable sum on the project, the money spent will often significantly be offset by the corresponding increase in value your home gains. As such, a bathroom remodel is a great investment especially when looking to sell your house.

To Meet the Needs of a Growing Family

Should you have a growing family, you will find that the size of your bathroom may no longer accommodate your family comfortably. Small bathrooms come with a level of difficulty to navigate especially with young children. Trying to help them in the washroom can be stressful; to say the least. A remodel every few months is, thus, a good idea. It will allow you to expand the room to accommodate a separate tub or shower, more storage space, and even a double vanity. All these will make the bathroom more functional and efficient for your family.

To Add Energy Saving Features

As noted, bathroom remodeling often involves a lot of work and time. Although it can be a huge inconvenience, if you can make it more energy efficient, it will be worth the hassle and expense due to the greater savings you will make with time. The good news is, there are plenty of options available to make your bathroom more energy efficient. Some of these include:

a) Energy efficient toilets – That save a couple of water gallons with every flush.

b) Low-flow faucets and showerheads – That reduce the use of water significantly.

c) Energy efficient light fixtures – That reduce your energy usage.

d) Solar water heaters – Will, as well, reduce your energy usage significantly.

To Fix Persistent Problems

Bathrooms, especially with time tend to develop some problems persistently. The mold and mildew might finally become too much, or the plumbing leaks might start leaking more often than not. When such problems arise, be advised that a remodel would be a better, more permanent fix to such problems. With such an upgrade, you can have a plumber install new plumbing and replace old, mold infected fixtures. In doing so, you will not only save yourself the numerous bills incurred for temporary fixes but, also, you will have safer bathroom space.

It is important that you plan your remodel well before you begin your upgrade as bathroom remodels can swiftly become more expensive. With your plan, have a realistic budget that you can stick to as you carry out your remodel. Although it will cause some chaos temporarily, once done, the trouble will pay off soon after as you enjoy your revamped bathroom.

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