Stress of Divorce



You wake up from your slumber with the smell of fresh coffee brewing from the $250 coffee maker you just bought for your wife on your anniversary 6 weeks ago. Your hear the 3 children screaming and hustling with lunchboxes to get to the buses horn blowing. Then the front door slamming.You go to fetch that cup of Joe and it is empty. You look around and no ones home. Only thing going through your mind right now, is the way things have been going between you and your wife. As the door slams behind you, reach down in your purse to fetch the keys, you look up to see the nice SUV your sleeping husband bought you, year before last. Then you recall the fight you got into that night on your anniversary. You realize every day since then all you have done is argue.


Then all the late nights he came home late. All you can think about is the way things have been going between you and your husband. The kids have went wild, bad grades and the stress that is on them for the fighting. You get to work, your boss calls in his office to inform you that production is down, your missing work, and your wear the same suit three times a week. Then he finally says We have to let you go. Now your thinking, I have lost everything that means everything to you. Including the love we once had. Something has got to change. All you do is cry all the time and you get no love from him any more. You recall marriage counseling didn’t work. For the kids sake we need to sit down and have a talk, before this gets any worst than it can get.


There is a whole lot that can happen from a divorce. Especially if there is children under 12 years of age depending on your state and local laws associated with custody and parents rights which can be read on It is a very sensitive thing for you and them. It is already obvious the parents can’t talk to each other about it due to agree to disagree. You bought a $250.000 home that is in both of your names. All the money that has been spent between the both of you, the years you have been together. The mortgage that was took out last year for repairs on your rental property that has a lean because of the taxes being behind. Even the pain and suffering that was caused from the hospital bills from the anguish of the cheating spouse. The banking accounts that are in both of your names. Or even the savings accounts for your children’s future. All these things have to be worked out. It takes a good lawyer to handle these types of challenges, due to tedious and high level cases. You think that it is just okay we have agreed to get the divorce can’t we just sign a paper and walk away. But the hard truth is, you can’t and the process is more than a letter of divorcement. The only solid advise I can give you, is please don’t try and dot yourself. There is lawyers out there that can help you get what you deserve. So please take my advice. If you don’t do it for you. Do it for your kids,and the protection of your rights as an outstanding citizen of your country.

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