Top 3 CAD-CAM Software

With construction scope increasing everyday all over the world and structural engineering touching new horizons, same progress is required in CAD cam software. These tools are mandatory to design all structures along with testing their strength and improve production of machinery required to build these structures.


Bob CAD CAM software is an innovative tool used to design machines necessary for construction. They differ from other CAD cam tools as others specialized in structural designing only, not in machines simulation. BobCAD cam is an expert tool that has easy tool paths and can program faster with reduced cycle times. When BobCAD CAM software is bought, it comes with a free demo and has webinar facility also so any doubts and queries can be asked directly. Moreover, it also briefs about using the machines for construction.


It is widely used tool with 150,000 licenses worldwide. The major benefit of BobCAD cam software is that it specializes in computer numerical control machines also referred as CNC. These machines need extra programming for simulation as they have digital to mechanical function. They read numeric code or language and interprets it. This digital function has a mechanical function associated with it, and it turns it moves the part. This highly technical functionality requires the use of the intelligent software.


Much other software is using for designing purposes. The most commonly used software is AutoCAD. Most of the people involved in computational designing are well aware with AutoCAD. It can be used to design any complex figure either 2D or 3D. It was one of the first CAD tools used by general public and started in 1982. The benefit of this tool is it has different libraries for different kind of works including mechanical, electrical, architecture, civil, etc. it is available in many languages worldwide providing ease of usage to different users understanding different languages. There are a large number of AutoCAD plug-ins available which are customized for specific purposes. By using these customized options, the replica of an object can be designed as seen in real life.


Another commonly used CAD cam software is SOLIDWORKS. It offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish and manage your data. It was started much after AutoCAD in 1993. The most common markets using this tool are industrial designing, medical, scientific, consumer, educational, technology and transportation. It is not as commonly used as AutoCAD and most works in 3D. Like BobCAD cam software, it does not only focuses on designing but simulation also along with communicating technical, complex product details. It has options to combine different forms of mechanical and electrical combined simulation. With the use of this tool, design engineers can also check the functionality of their products reducing the risk of product getting rejected due to faults and flaws. Such products are marketed faster leading to

better sales.


It can be seen that by using CAD cam software, designing has become very easy and quick. Unlike old days, engineers do not work manually which lead to more errors and difficult revisions. Work done by using this software can easily be shared with others, and anybody can make changes to the original product with minimal effort.

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