Why Would People Want To Change Their Social Security Card Name

Of course, it’s mandatory for every person to get the social security card name registered on SSN with the social security Administration (SSA). If this sounds new to you, that means it’s not paramount in your country as it is in the United States. In the States, the citizens! migrants/occupants names are registered with the social security administration. The SSA registers the names on the United States’ account and issue them a card that has nine digits number on it. This details on the card help the cardholder to provide full information about himself/herself while registering for anything in the States. Their (SSA) office is sprawl all over the States as it’s easy for everyone to register.

But come to think of it, what can you do with the card that’s issued when you’ve registered? With the card with your identity on it, you can open a bank account. In fact, this provides you with the privilege to enjoy all the opportunities that every US citizen is entitled to. However, looking at it in one direction, one would think there’s no need to change name on ss card.

However, it’s essential that one understands that this identity card helps the government to keep the record of every person that resides in the country. And over the years, many have found themselves in the position of changing their names on the social security card. So, let’s consider the reasons that have propelled many persons to change their names.

1. Marriage

Definitely, this is one of the major factors that led to change of names, as the former name may not necessarily be used. For those that think of changing their names, for this reason, it’s paramount that they get their marriage certificate and not their marriage license. As this will show that they’re eligible. In fact, it’s advisable that one should get one’s name changed on SSA for this reason, as it helps one to keep absolute details about oneself and the US. It might interest you to ask if there is any penalty for anyone who is married and never changed his/her name. I’m afraid, no! But many change it for this reason.

2. When One Falls A Victim Of Theft

Anyone’s social security name can be used to open new credit cards and get all the vital information about the victim. So, it’s quite a “life-revealing” piece of information. In fact, robbers can open credit cards account once the accurate name and numbers are gotten. So, this makes a lot of persons to change their name when their card is lost. But SSA can only confirm how true it is if only they’ve started receiving calls on the status of the money borrowed without their concept. Although many use this as an excuse, yet the SSA is bound to be reluctant in changing the name if there’s no verification.

3. Family or Religious Issue

At times, many come to the point of changing their names when their families abruptly changed their first names. Sometimes, it’s as a result of the religion believe of the cardholder. In other words, if their religion opposes the name they registered on the SSA, then they’re free to change their card details.

Please note that this can only be possible if cardholders are with court backups. Why not? The SSA doesn’t iust change name unnecessarily unless if there’s a threat in the users’ life or a change in the users status, social status, such as the change from mistress to madam, and from mister to an advanced social status.


The social security card is a personal property that covers users’ details. In fact, the victim name and the nine digits are given when the card is given are what robbers need to rob victims and for creating credit accounts. And the change of name comes with having a new nine-digit number. So, it’s mandatory that users are discreet with the care of their social security card name. And when it’s out of possession, it’s advisable the owner issue another one for security purpose.

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